Viesmīlības skolas

pastry chefs

We will give you the insight on new trends in high class pastry.

1. Conflicts and Solutions in daily restaurant work (2 days)

• Influence and persuasion in dialogue and conflict resolution • How to define and discuss complex issues • The role of listening in resolving problems • Conflict – what is it and why it is important • Conflict types and stages

2. Stress management in Hospitality (1 day)

• What is stress • Causes of stress • Methods for overcoming stress • Feedback role in the prevention of stress • Physiologic and psychological aspects • Seven levels for stress reduction

3. Wine and food compatibility (1 day)

• Fundamentals of wine and food compatibility • Classic grapes and compatibility • Experimenting in food and wine compatibility • Practical class

4. Team building excercises (1 day)

• How to promote work in a team • Understanding each person's role in the team • How to develop and promote cooperation in a team • Practical excercise – analysis of situations and discussions • Individual responsibility for team results

5. Hygiene fundamentals in a restaurant (1 day)

• Minimal hygiene requirements • Good hygiene practice • Unwritten rules • The importance of hygiene in a restaurant

6. A modern restaurant menu (1 day)

• Trends • Understanding of food • Versatility • Price range • The moment of surpirse on the menu

7. High class pastry (1 day)

• Trends • Pastry typology • Understanding pastry • Versatility • Moment of surprise