Viesmīlības skolas


We will provide managers with knowledge on how to motivate and prepare employees, how to maintain long-lasting business relationships with partners and how to better plan employee activities, the menu and product delivery.

1. Restaurant Sales (1 day)

• What are sales and their principals • Understanding a client’s hidden and open desires for better sales results • Fundamental sales mistakes • How to sell the idea, not the product • Excellent sales skills • Working with complaints

2. Hospitality and Service principals in a restaurant (2 days)

• Setting the table • Customer Service standards • Guidelines for daily contact and decision-making • Role of employees in the company’s image • Communication with guests • Sales skills and their role in service

3. Employee motivation in hospitality and how to obtain the best result (1 day)

• Motivational speeches • Focusted staff capacity and ability application • Team morale • Dominating motivators – types and application • Ability to lead and its impact on employee motivation

4. Customer Service for five-star guests (1 day)

• What a VIP guest expects • How to communicate with a VIP guest • Client typology • Problem-solving • Standards of VIP Customer Service

5. Long-lasting partnerships in hospitality (1 day)

• Making contacts • The key to success – always do more and better than asked • Review communication • Problem-solving

6. Personnel management in hospitality (2 days)

• Swiching from friend-to-chief principles • Human resources • Result-oriented management • Team working skills • Socing coflicts and problems

7. Conflicts and Solutions in hospitality (2 days)

• Influence and persuasion in dialogue and conflict resolution • How to define and discuss complex issues • The role of listening in resolving problems • Conflict – what it is and why it is important • Conflict types and stages

8. Time management in hospitality (1 day)

• Time management goal • Time management instruments • How to avoid the time spent in standby mode • Priority allocation and devolution art • How to plan and do more • Time management systems and solutions for busy people

9. Work organization and control in hospitality (1 day)

• Effective devolution sistem • How to ensure that employees are punctual, organized and on track • To do list • Organization systems • Scheduling • Trust and its important in successful work planning

10. Stress management in hospitality (1 day)

• What is stress • Causes of stress • Methods for overcoming stress • Feedback role in the prevention of stress • Physiologic and psychological aspects • Seven levels for stress reduction

11. Basic sales actions in restaurant business (2 days)

• Principals of smart selling • Creating connection with the guest • Sales difficulties and how to overcome them • Result-oriented actions • Active listening • How to lead the guest to making decisions • Analysis of operations and result, planing future activities

12. Fundamentals of the business etiquette (1 day)

• The role of etiquette in life • Self improvement and impecable behavior • Dress code • Insight in the rules

13. Table culture and manners (1day)

• Setting the table • Behavior at the table • Etiquette requirements and standards • The importance of table manners in forming the image

14. Professional image and its role in success in hospitality (1 day)

• Dress for success • Sales etiquette • Corporate guest service • Business networking • Social etiquette when representing the company

15. Communication and its role in hospitality (2 days)

• Tact in communication • Communication fundamentals and skills • Communicating with the difficult customer • Empathy • The art of listening and hearing • The role of confidence in communication • Anger management • Teambuilding tactics

16. Creative thinking in hospitality (2 days)

• How to become creative • Definig problems and making creative decisions • Team work for better results

17. A modern restaurant wine list (2 day)

• Trends • Understanding wine • Versatility • Price range • The moment of surpirse in the wine list

18. Team building excercises (1 day)

• How to promote work in a team • Understanding each person's role in the team • How to develop and promote cooperation in a team • Practical excercise – analysis of situations and discussions • Individual responsibility for team results

19. Sales skills and effectiveness in hospitality (2 days)

• How to improve sales skills • Understanding the activities of added value • Excercises to improve sales skills • Analysis of situations, games, discussions • Working with customer complaints and their solving techniques

20. Hygiene fundamentals in a restaurant (1 day)

• Minimal hygiene requirements • Good hygiene practice • Unwritten rules • The importance of hygiene in a restaurant

21. A modern restaurant menu (1 day)

• Trends • Understanding of food • Versatility • Price range • The moment of surpirse on the menu