Viesmīlības skolas

guest reception

In order for the guests to be satisfied, it is necessary to understand and successfully execute their wishes, that is why our courses for guest reception are based on communication skill and service improvement.

1. Guest reception in hotels and guest houses (1 day)

• Guest reception • How to hear your guest • ABC of communication • Guidelines for daily communication • Problem-solving • Communication etiquette

2. Fundamentals of communication for better hotel guest service (1 day)

• Getting ready for work and creating a positive atmosphere • Client typology • Verbal communication • Problem-solving • Emotional self-regulation

3. Conflicts and their solutions in everyday hotel work (2 days)

• Influence and persuasion in dialogue and conflict resolution • How to define and discuss complex issues • The role of listening in problem resolutions • Conflict – what it is and why it is important to resolve it • Coflict types and stages

4. Stress management (1 day)

• What is stress • Causes of stress • Methods for overcoming stress • Feedback role in the prevention of stress • Physiologic and psychological aspects • Seven levels for stress reduction

5. Communication and its role in hospitality (2 days)

• Tact in communication • Communication fundamentals and skills • Communicating with the difficult customer • Empathy • The art of listening and hearing • The role of confidence in communication • Anger management • Teambuilding tactics

6. Team building excercises (1 day)

• How to promote work in a team • Understanding each person's role in the team • How to develop and promote cooperation in a team • Practical excercise – analysis of situations and discussions • Individual responsibility for team results

7. Sales skills and effectiveness in hospitality (2 days)

• How to improve sales skills • Understanding the activities of added value • Excercises to improve sales skills • Analysis of situations, games, discussions • Working with customer complaints and their solving techniques