Viesmīlības skolas


We will give you the update of the new trends of food and cooking techniques, and will improve your existing knowledge on food and wine compatibility.

1. Conflicts and Solutions in daily restaurant work (2 days)

• Influence and persuasion in dialogue and conflict resolution • How to define and discuss complex issues • The role of listening in resolving problems • Conflict – what is it and why it is important • Conflict types and stages

2. Stress management in Hospitality (1 day)

• What is stress • Causes of stress • Methods for overcoming stress • Feedback role in the prevention of stress • Physiologic and psychological aspects • Seven levels for stress reduction

3. Wine and food compatibility (1 day)

• Fundamentals of wine and food compatibility • Classic grapes and compatibility • Experimenting in food and wine compatibility • Practical class

4. Team building excercises (1 day)

• How to promote work in a team • Understanding each person's role in the team • How to develop and promote cooperation in a team • Practical excercise – analysis of situations and discussions • Individual responsibility for team results

5. Hygiene fundamentals in a restaurant (1 day)

• Minimal hygiene requirements • Good hygiene practice • Unwritten rules • The importance of hygiene in a restaurant

6. A modern restaurant menu (1 day)

• Trends • Understanding of food • Versatility • Price range • The moment of surpirse on the menu

7. Modern menu (5 days)

• Cooking and service fundamentals • Apetizers, salad • Soup • Meat dishes • Fish dishes • Dessert